Elaine Williams

Founder and Clinical Director EOS Aesthetics®

RN, INP, BSc, PG Cert, PG Dip, MSc

Underpinning EOS Aesthetics® is a firm belief and understanding that everyone is unique and therefore the treatments and service provided is also unique, person centred and tailor made to each individual.

As Clinical Director I have been determined to deliver outstanding results whilst at the same time making every visit to my clinic a pleasurable, uplifting and positive one. My primary aim is to improve how my patients feel through the treatments we offer at EOS Aesthetics®. My mission is to deliver the best possible treatments, using the premium products. Consequently, I have great satisfaction when a patient achieves their goal of looking and feeling the best version of themselves. I have personally experienced many of the treatments we offer at EOS Aesthetics®, and have a passion for learning.

I am committed to lifelong learning, having trained as a nurse many years ago. I have since undertaken academic study from degree level through to masters. I am a non-medical prescriber, recognised by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

At the heart of who we are

As Founder and Clinical Director at EOS I have set out our mission as:

to be the clinic most trusted to deliver an exceptional, bespoke, aesthetic result and experience to each and every person

To achieve this we focus on:


    Enabling and supporting our patients to feel comfortable in their own skin.
    Ensuring the best possible results.
    Aligning our service with the most up-to-date evidence-based practice; prioritising safety.


    Demonstrating integrity in the service we offer to our patients.
    Compassionate care throughout the patient’s journey.
    Progress through continuous innovation and improvements.


    To provide a safe sanctuary for patients to have clinical treatments.
    To provide advice and support that is evidence-based and in line with standards and best practice.
    To offer an end to end service that is underpinned by a bespoke treatment package to cater for individual needs.

EOS Associates

Creative Director Gemma Elizabeth Permanent Cosmetics

Gemma Hinchcliffe

Gemma Elizabeth is a highly skilled permanent make up technician and has been performing treatments in this field for over 6 years. She has trained with some of the leading companies such as Nouveau Contour and Katerina Zapletalova alongside many world-wide artists completing master classes with Will Anthony, Brow Daddy and many more evolving her skills constantly.

Her precision to enhance facial features is clear to see, with an artistic flare and attention to detail Gemma has been lucky enough to make her passion become her career. Taking pride in all she does, a thorough consultation can be arranged for treatment ensuring her clients are 100% comfortable.