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At EOS Aesthetics® we help you to look and feel the best possible version of yourself. Experience unrivalled medical led patient first care at our contemporary clinic in Sunningdale with a range of personalised innovative aesthetic and skincare treatments to restore your skins condition and natural glow..
Appreciating that you are unique, we will work with you to understand your needs, tailoring treatments that compliment your own inherent radiance; restoring your skin’s condition, leaving you with the refreshed, natural and healthy appearance you deserve.

Welcome to EOS Aesthetics®

Utilising the clinical expertise of the Founder and Clinical Director Elaine Williams, you will be offered a unique blend of facial aesthetics and a holistic approach to your custom treatment.

We strive for the results you deserve

Elaine has achieved a natural look with my treatments, I look a lot fresher now at 56 than I did in my 40's


I had my first wrinkle reducing treatment from Elaine in 2008, even back then her professionalism was outstanding; and she continue's to widen her knowledge and ability extensively


As skin ages it loses some of its resilience and volume, leading to unwanted lines and wrinkles.

EOS Offers

At EOS Aesthetics® we offer a range of fully customised aesthetic services; tailored to restore and enhance your appearance.

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Anti Wrinkle

Lines and wrinkles on our faces help to tell our story, defining our character and personality, however they can also age us prematurely.

We can help to smooth out these fine lines and wrinkles, through the use of a variety of Anti Wrinkle reducing treatments ™.

Dermal fillers

We use natural filler to restore balance, volume and create the innate contours in the face, neck and hands. Using hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance, we can carefully craft subtle volume and beautiful results, whilst hydrating your skin.

Skin Hydrators

Using hydrators developed to specifically improve skin quality, adding luminosity, these established products are fabulous on their own or in combination with other treatments as part of your treatment plan.


Dermalux LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment using clinically proven therapeutic light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair functions without any pain or downtime. This revolutionary new treatment can be used to boost your skins own natural resilience or to aid healing post injectable treatments.


Microneedling is a very versatile treatment, addressing a number of skin concerns, including scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles and skin quality. Microneedling works by encouraging your own skin to make more collagen-rich tissue. Minimally invasive, requiring no downtime.

Skin Analysis

Using advanced skin detection equipment allows us to assess the surface and structural composition of your skin in seconds. This detailed information can then help target the most appropriate treatment pathways, monitor and track treatment progress and improve clinical effectiveness.

Skin Peels

Skin or chemical peels are an extensively used cosmetic and aesthetic intervention to improve your skin health. We use evidence based, medical grade peels and prior to any treatment we will assess your skin and overall health for suitability.

Skin Care

Offering a full range of medical and cosmeceutical skincare products, developed to target the root cause of skin problems and address multiple concerns, resulting in healthy, glowing skin. Our extensive range of exclusive products provide professional results backed by our comprehensive support.

Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent cosmetics is a technique which adds a safe and lasting pigment to the dermis as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eyelining and other permanent enhancing colors to the skin of the face, lips, and eyelids.

EOS Home Care

We have a supported range of accessible home treatments, to compliment your in clinic programme, maximising results and maintain optimum skin health. At the core of our Home Care is our Advanced Nutrition Programme™. An award-winning, premium range of innovative supplements formulated to feed your skin from within.

Your EOS Plan

To make it easy to maintain your look throughout the year we have created a set of affordable plans to help spread the costs – simple and secure

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At EOS Aesthetics® we are firmly committed to working with you towards your identified treatment goals. We begin with a comprehensive consultation where we explore your concerns, your hopes, and your goals.

Treatment is dependent on a prior consultation and assessment. We will agree a bespoke package, with regular reviews, and opportunities to change or add to your treatment plan.

There is a £50 booking fee for all aesthetic specific appointments including consultations. The cost of the consultation is deductible from any subsequent treatment appointment arranged within three months of your consultation.

Questionnaires/photos may be necessary for your appointment and must be completed fully prior to the start of appointments.

Appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled where a minimum of 48 hours notice has been provided. Where this notice period has not been provided the prepayment will be lost. Appointments are subject to availability until paid and confirmed.

Before proceeding please read our full:

We do ask, if possible, you arrive at clinic with minimal or no make-up when attending for medical aesthetic facial treatments as this helps to reduce the risk of infection, and time spent cleaning your make-up off.

EOS Aesthetics is committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment where the patients and staff can be confident that best practice is being followed at all times and the safety of everyone is of paramount importance

All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present for any consultation, and/or procedure. Please inform the clinic if you require any assistance, such as translator or mobility assistance, prior to attending.

Enabling and supporting our patients to feel comfortable in their own skin is paramount to EOS Aesthetics®.

We thrive on ensuring you feel the best possible version of yourself. We align our service to evidence-based practice so that we offer treatments in a safe environment.

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