EOS Terms and Conditions
for Consultations and Treatments

Booking an appointment implies agreement to our terms and conditions, please ensure that you have read and have fully understood them prior to booking any consultation or treatment.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us:


Refusal of Treatments

We reserve the right to refuse treatment where our clinicians deem it inappropriate for any reason and the clinician’s decision is final in this regard.

Please note that we do not provide treatments for anyone aged under 18 years.

Acts of God

EOS Aesthetics® does not issue refunds for Acts of God. An Act of God is defined as an event outside of human control such as sudden floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters, for which no one can be held responsible. This also includes weather-related issues such as snow, ice, floods etc.

If EOS Aesthetics® chooses to cancel a clinic due to an Act of God then it is not liable for any loss resulting to the customer as a result of this cancelled clinic. EOS Aesthetics® Limited will make all reasonable effort to replace a cancelled clinic by arranging an alternative date but this cannot be guaranteed. Where the majority of customers for that clinic have been affected, this will be made free of additional charge.


Our clinic has not been designed with children in mind, so we would prefer that you do not bring children to your appointment. However, if it cannot be avoided, please contact the clinic beforehand to discuss.


EOS Aesthetics® takes pride in the quality of its service and as such endeavours to be approachable and understanding, resolving any issues as quickly as possible.

To speed up the process any complaints about EOS Aesthetics® should be made in writing by emailing or  writing to EOS Aesthetics® at the address below.

Complaints received in writing will be acknowledged by return email or letter within one week of receipt.