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Theres LED and LED Phototherapy backed by science and evidence. With so many devices available, it’s important to know the correct, clinically evidenced wavelengths. At EOS Aesthetics we use Dermalux LED Flex, which combines Blue, Red & Near Infrared to target then following conditions:

Blue light effectively targets bacteria on acne skin and reduced oil production, improving skin clarity without irritation.

Red light accelerates skin renewal and repair, boosting collagen and elastin production for smoother and firmer skin. Exposure to red light at 633nm is clinically proven to regenerate cells faster and helps to improve blood flow, as well as lymphatic systems with increased hydration.

Near Infrared (NIR) triggers the skins anti-inflammatory processes to aid repair, as well as reduce irritation and redness. This wavelength is also effective at strengthening sensitive and compromised skin, as well as reducing signs of hyperpigmentation.

At EOS Aesthetics we only use products, treatments and devices which are safe, backed by science, results and evidenced driven

Exciting news - EOS Aesthetics® is now proudly registered with the Care Quality Commission